Artists’ Statement

Priscilla Roggenkamp • Keith McMahon

Our work
explores our place in space and time,
and our relationship with the primal elements of nature,
to bring meaning and message out of the materials with which we work.

Our collaboration
grew out of several years of sharing studio space,
and the realization that our individual works interacted strongly together.

Our differences
in materials and processes appeared to compliment each other,
and this was a phenomenon that intrigued us both.

An opportunity
to create a work for the Yitzhak Project,
a cultural exchange in the Western Galilee, Israel
grew out of open discussions about similarities and differences
in aesthetics, background and approach.

Since that time,
collaboration has occurred outside of our individual projects,
such as a sculpture for Central Wyoming College,
the Buffalo Bill series of mixed media panels,
and a public sculpture for Galion Community Hospital
with fellow artist Ken Arthur.

These concerns have been present in our individual thoughts for some time.

Priscilla Roggenkamp • Keith McMahon