For Priscilla and Keith, every artwork is a journey whether we take it as a joint venture or travel alone.

What we experience on the journey, and ultimately what our work becomes, is a synthesis of the paths we choose
and the things we carry with us, our ideas, memories, interests, passions, worldview and more.

Time and physical space, location and experience, layers and materials, memory and memorial all influence
our individual and combined work. The references in our work are the result of responding to experience
and place rather than simply documenting it.

Email us with any comments or questions…or if you’d like to have a piece of our work as part of your life.

Current and Recent Exhibitions:

Group Ten Gallery Show

Group Ten Gallery
April 1-May 7, 2016
Noon-5pm, Th-Sat

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New Installation


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Sally Otto Gallery

Mount Union University

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